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Hi Product Hunt! I've created a promo just for Product Hunters to play around with the platform for free - if you'd like an invite, let me know in the comments!

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    It's really simple to use


    No mobile app right now

    Not needing a mobile app is pretty cool

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This is so cool! We have a games night coming up this Thursday so would love to try it out!
I started Huddle because my friends and I want to play our favourite board & card games together but without having to constantly buy new games and expansions in physical form. One day we were playing Cards Against Humanity and I accidently spilled salsa on the whole deck of cards. I knew there had to be a more comfortable way to play games together. From that point, we set out to build a digital board game platform that can be screencast to your TV and easily played by anyone using their phone browser. We started off with 3 games: A competitive group trivia, a free version of Cards Against Humanity, and a meme/gif caption game. We ran Huddle games with dozens of corporate teams at offsite events and the feedback was very positive. At that point we felt we could bring this to a larger audience. The goal of Huddle is to build a community of people who play casual board games with friends and family, and to allow independent game publishers to distribute their game to a new audience via Huddle. I'd love to hear everyone's feedback and ideas!
@romankrem Now you can spill salsa on your phone instead!
Looks really nice! Would love to try it out! 😀
@_theimmortal_ Sweet! Sent you a message
Pros: Great idea, and it makes it easy to get a game started, but the price is rather prohibitive. Cons: At $30/mo for 8 users, it makes it hard to justify the cost for the average person who may play board games w/ friends 1-2 times a month. If the main target consists of work teams, then I suppose employers could afford it, but if you're looking to attract the family/friends crowd, you may want to rethink your pricing. Even a pay-per-use model would work fine for groups of people just getting together for a night in and drinking 😉
@perpetuumstefan Hey Stefan! Thanks for the feedback! Per-per-use sounds like a good idea. I am certainly open to making the platform open and let people perhaps buy the games & content packs they want, a la carte. So far our players have been corporate teams, so they do have a budget for team activities like this. But I want to make this more accessible for families and groups of friends at home.
Really neat idea... Got a bit of sticker shock with the price per month. Maybe a time based payment option? I'd pay $5 - $10 for a night every time I wanted to use the service.