Eco-Friendly Space Saving Dinnerware

Huddle is a great eco-friendly and space saving solution for your home!

Yes, its a dinnerware that can do magic. The first of a kind square-shaped plates vertically snap together with ease, as if they are cuddling.

Assembling is fun and intuitive as magnets do the magic!

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Hello Product Hunt The huddle project stems from my love for creating simple and innovative products for homes. The idea was conceived in 2015. I used to set aside a few hours daily for huddle after my day job. In 2016, I decided to dedicate all of my time to refine and develop huddle. After two years of rigorous prototyping and refinement, this amazing product is now ready to come into your homes.
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This is awesome, with all the plastic that’s around, I am gonna make my contribution by atleast replacing my plastic plates with these eco friendly plates. I was just curious though, wouldn’t the cutlery get stuck to the magnet? As stainless steel knives also have a magnetic strip for hanging in the kitchen, doesn’t all stainless steel have ferrous compounds in them? Thank you
@prashantrao89 Thank you so much. Great observation about the cutlery thing. We too had this doubt. But apparently good stainless steel spoons have very less ferrous content and do not get attracted to magnets.
This is a simple but an amazing idea. I have ordered my pack and waiting for this cool dinnerware to arrive in my kitchen :) The other feature I liked is, it's ecofriendlyness, I checked but could not get the idea about material, Which material are you planning to use to make it eco-friendly!? Thanks.
@ashutosh_biltharia The product would be made from 100% plant based materials. To extend the life of the product, we've combined biodegradable bamboo fiber, a highly-renewable natural resource, with corn starch.