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#3 Product of the DayAugust 29, 2016
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Hello Hunters! I'm the maker of Hud, a simple way to create pattern libraries you can share with your team and the public. I was inspired to build this to help our own team catalogue our UI components and overall design language. I believe there is an interesting opportunity to create an "interaction management system" that manages both UI components and internal design docs. Imagine being able to build and collaborate on components before publishing to your product via GitHub or a hosted CSS file. In future you'll be able to share your components with others, combine components to form prototypes, and share components across platforms. To give you an idea of a what library could look like check out There are loads of possibilities and directions this could go, and I'm excited to get your feedback and answer some questions :)
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@saxonfletcher Sounds cool but the examples don't load for me in Chrome/Mac:
@astrism @saxonfletcher I don't see much on the bootstrap pages on Safari/Mac either.
@geoffreywiseman @astrism Thanks for letting me know Geoffrey. Fix is currently being deployed. eta 20 minutes.
It would be great with a demo of the product. Also, i really thought this was a product my Medium. The logos are really similar :-)
@proclaim Thanks for the feedback David! Definitely don't want to cause confusion about the brand. I was hoping there was enough distance but might need to re-think the logo if people deem it's too similar. Its meant to represent two layers (your product, and an interaction layer).
@saxonfletcher @proclaim have to admit I thought it's made my Medium (kind of because of the logo but mainly because of a very nice landing page - good job!).
@vytasbu @saxonfletcher @proclaim no need to change it. most things in design aren't new.
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@tomfme this is amazing - what book is it from?
@bshih Trade Marks & Symbols by Yasaburo Kuwayama. If it hasn't been posted to Product Hunt Books, then it's all yours to post 😬
Very cool and clean! Great job!
@widawskij Thanks Jonathan!
@saxonfletcher: Nice landing page! Added to Product Page 🙌🏻
@tchret Awesome. Thanks Thomas :)
This could be great for small startup teams, like my cofounder and myself. We're kind of pinch hitting design while getting our beta up but seems like this would add some structure and discipline.
@meganmatt42 Spot on! Initial target audience is smaller teams who don't necessarily have the resources to dedicate a full team to building and maintaining a design language. I think its valuable for design teams to set constraints and enforce consistency, especially when scaling.