Detect skin cancer with your mobile phone

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And if you connect it to you Tesco's Club Card​ you might start to see patterns in which products trigger which cancer.
@denull we have not tried that yet. But we know it works on moles.
@drborve @denull Just published HUD at Estd.in http://www.estd.in/startups/2015.... Hope it saves many lives.
Hey Product Hunt! We are really proud of our hardware-software product that we've been developing for over a year. Using HÜD, you can now send medical grade images to First Derm, for a quick assessment. This is a health tool, for early detection of skin cancer from your home. It is affordable and we want to make it be a part of the family's "health-kit", like your scale, thermometer, FitBit and blood pressure cuff. We are part of the health democratization movement- bringing specialized healthcare at an affordable price into your home via the smartphone. We'd love to get your feedback and have you check out our recently launched indiegogo campaign! Cheers! https://www.indiegogo.com/projec...