HubYard 2

Open Source Social Media Management

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Hey Guys, It's been almost a year since HubYard actually got put on HubYard by @pomajp, it's been a wild ride since then (built it, rebuilt it, and even trashed it). I ended up rebuilding HubYard in January after a few months away from the project and decided to Open-Source it as well. (I even wrote about it HubYard was my third programming project ever and I thank PH for having it on there back in March :). Since hosting isn't really free, if you do want to use HubYard without downloading the source for more than a basic usage (5 networks or so) I've reduced the price by 50% for bigger plans!
Link is dead... or is it just me?
@danielkempe The link is broken. Not 'only you or me'!
@danielkempe @vingar my apologies, it should work now.
@danielkempe @tracyingram The domain works at it seems like my host doesn't like my subdomains anymore :(