Like Hootsuite and Pinterest had a baby.

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I've played with it for a few minutes...long enough to connect Instagram, FB and Twitter,'s a clean consumption experience. I'd interpreted the product myself to be aimed at personal social media management (consuming all your feeds in one place, posting from a 'hub,' making sure you don't miss anything that you _need_ to action, etc., but I'm not really getting that vibe in few minutes of poking around. Anyway, it's not a half-bad app, with a pretty nice marketing site...and there's a whole lot of customization of "special feeds," etc. that Im yet to play with. I think I just typed a few run-on sentences, but I'm just gonna hit send.
Hi, I'm the founder of HubYard. We built this product for people who wanted a smoother and more enjoyable way to manage social networks! If you have any questions, feel free to ask! @pomajp Thanks for nominating us!