Hubstaff Tasks

Automated project management tool built with Agile in mind

Hubstaff Tasks is an automated project management tool built with the best parts of Agile in mind. Get more done with focused sprints, detailed tasks, and visual kanban-style workflows that automate your processes.
  • Ciocanel Razvan
    Ciocanel RazvanCo-Founder of EpicCoders

    I love the simplicity of it. They are launching new features very often so i always love that.


    It needs a little more work but it's getting there.

    There are some other task managers that have more features but this is best if you want a time tracking tool that is best in class to compliment it.

    Ciocanel Razvan has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Easy to use; intuitive; capable


    It would be good to have some more of the web-page functionality built into the desktop tool.

    Love this product

    Hilary Johnstone has used this product for one year.
I'm a long time user of Hubstaff for time tracking. I just randomly clicked the logo today while logged in and found Tasks just sitting there with an open beta...and man is it amazing. I've never fallen in love with a kanban tool before now. The workflows are amazing. The UI is minimal and clean. It integrates seamlessly with my team's time tracker, and it has full automation for starting tasks and auto moving them to new lists. It's seriously amazing for a beta. If anyone out there runs a remote team, especially one with contractors, Hubstaff is a must. With the addition of Tasks to the product suite, all I can say is "take my money".
I've been using Hubstaff time tracking tool since 2015 and have been using their tasks manager for more than 1 year since it's been in beta. It's pretty great and highly customisable. It's worth a try i would say. I do find myself using some simple todo app for daily tasks but for managing projects with my team this is solid.