Free and open source video conference app in the browser

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I'm new in the Open source world (started a new job in an open source company a month ago) and I'm happy to share new open source projects here. lets you create video conference room for free, in less than 30 seconds. No more "can you Skype me?" "Add me on Hangout please" or anything like that. Just create a room, invite people and you're ready to go :)
Hey, this is really cool. I've been using a similar product called recently. Just wondering how you differentiate to Cheers
@phantomburner You're right there are other kids on the block that provide video-conferencing through the browser. However... 1/ is Open Source !!! Isn't that a freaking cool difference with the others ? 2/ We provide advanced features for bandwidth selection. And believe me, bandwidth is a concern in a video app 3/ We provide speech detection and auto-camera switching. In the browser. Without plugins. Yeah I know it sounds great. 4/ We are in the last steps of adding a new awesome killer feature into : peer to peer collaborative editor. A rich text collaborative editor, based on QuillJS, using the YJS synchronization framework. Stay tuned, it already runs flawlessly in our lab, we are in the last review steps before launching it.
Looks really cool and is open source :D I am wondering what is the limit of the people who join the conference at a given time?
@therealsoup We currently limit each room to 9 attendees. In practice, with more than 6 people in a room you'll certainly encounter lag in the video and audio streams. I'll be happy to get your feedback on that topic !
Looks cool - but still prefer using :) Good luck guys
@commintomylife Oh too sad to read that... Is there any reason why you still prefer the latter ? I hope you'll take a second look after we integrate the p2p rich text editor, it's freaking cool !
It's very interesting. Because one of the most requested features at WalkInto ( is the ability integrate a WebRTC platform. Users have been trying embedding, and some other platforms with ease. But it will be really cool if we could do it natively. Will check it out. Honestly, how stable is the platform? How close is it to production ready? How are you planning to make it profitable?
@bonigv The platform is really stable, and thanks to browsers evolution, webrtc is more and more supported. The biggest pain being that it doesn't work on IE and on iOS. We have big plans to make it profitable: we'll integrate the engine into our social network . The SaaS is and will stay free.