A free no-install screen recorder for Chrome and Firefox 🎬

Hubcap is a simple screen recorder that works magically within your desktop Chrome or Firefox browser - no installs required! Once you record a video, instantly copy a link to share in an email, chat, your project management tool or anywhere else.
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5 Reviews5.0/5
The Hubcap / Screencastify team allowed my business, Linkner Capital to participate in their Beta release. After using Hubcap for just a few weeks I'm hooked. This is bar far the simplest way to make screencasts, period. Just record --> send link. It takes 2 seconds. No more installs. No more scary messaging. No more time-consuming emails. No more miscommunications.
@theperfectlink1 Thanks Ethan πŸ‘Š Glad we could save you some time!
Hey Product Hunt πŸ‘‹ I'm James, one of the creators of Hubcap. We're also the team behind Screencastify, the most popular screencasting extension for Chrome. We built Hubcap to make screen videos easier to create than ever before. No longer do you need an extension or launcher to record a video. Now, you can simply visit and go crazy πŸŽ‰ Create as many videos as you like (up to 5 minutes each). We'll host the video for you at no cost for 2 weeks. We use Hubcap internally to share quick updates for our remote team, document bugs discovered in QA, create customer support tutorials, and more. Our next move will be launching our B2B product, which is designed to be the easiest way to gather screen videos from other people (e.g. your customers, colleagues, etc.) Let us know what you think! James and the entire Hubcap / Screencastify team
can you download the videos