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This is a really neat site. First off, I ❤️ the design. it's BEAUTIFUL! The idea is pretty simple though.
  • Find awesome movies.
  • Find how/where to see them.
  • Find our about similar movies.
  • Find collections of movies.
  • Find info about movies and the people in them
  • Find all the things!
Really a 💯 site for all the movie lovers 👍.
@jsneedles Thank you for all kind words, Jeff! Happy to be here - thanks to you :)
@rotemthegolfer Thanks a ton for the gif, Rotem! You’ve made our day! ;)
Very exciting launch! Love the look of this — and it's useful too! :)
@chrismessina Thank you, Chris! This is exactly what we wanted people to see =)
Hello, everyone! Thank you for choosing our project and featuring us on Product Hunt, Jeffrey! We’d like to show you our new movie discovery project. Hubbos brings to its users an overview of the movie world. The website is created for those who appreciate clean, elegant design and comfortable, easy-to-understand interface. What you can see at the moment on our site is the presentation of just a small number of the ideas for our project. Our goal is to collect as much feedback as possible and to test our project taking our first steps. We would highly appreciate any suggestions or questions from you. We hope everyone will enjoy Hubbos as much as we do!
@dashatraveller Awesome stuff Daria! Love it. I almost built a site just like this but now I don't need too. 😄 I'm curious: What does the name mean? Mine was called "CinemaList" and I loved the name but never got around to building it. Anyway, you guys totally nailed it! One cool thing would be to add an icon when tapping Add to Home Screen. A native app would be awesome too of course. Keep it up!
@imakestrides Oh, thanx a bunch, Kyle! I have to admit that CinemaList sounds unfairly convenient in comparison with Hubbos =))) Hubbos is supposed to mean the main hub for your favorite content, aka movies and TV-series) Great to have this piece of advice from you, will work on them before long! We will keep it up! =)
@dashatraveller No problem! Ahh, cool. Not sure if it'd be helpful at this point, but since I'm not going to use it and you have a cool minimalist design style that would fit nicely with the name, let me know if you'd like to use the name CinemaList in any way. If so, I'd be happy to give you the domain name for free if it'd finally be put to good use. If not, no worries. Best of luck!
@imakestrides We are all here enormously grateful. This is a truly generous offer, we never had before) The only thing is that we already got awfully used to our Hubbos name and now we love it with all our hearts. I guess, we have to stick with it then. May all your kindness come back to you at least ten times as much, Kyle. Once again, thank you! =)
@dashatraveller No problem, I know it'd be a big change but I figured I'd ask in case. Thanks, same to you! :)
I love things like this, always needing things to watch.
@meld We are very pleased that you have found it useful for yourself! What do you like the most?
@meld Right?) I am all the time hunting and all the time wanna more and more =)
@chuhansergey I do like the to the point approach. As soon as the site loads, I see films. No sign up page, no guff, films. They're pretty well categorized too! Only thing I said would be great is a link to streaming sites :)
@meld We already have links to Netflix, Amazon, iTunes and Google Play, however, have some plans to increase the amount of supported streaming services in the future! ;)
Nice design and great search capability 👍
@csaba_kissi A thousand thanks, Csaba! Is there something we can improve in your opinion?)