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We are all looking for great movies, books, apps and games, but it’s still a painful process nowadays. Our goal is to bring the best experience to everyone who ever struggled like we did. We collected our greatest interests and came up with idea of the social platform, each of us would be happy to use as the best and only discovery tool in this sphere. Hubbos is powered by neat aggregation of different content, comfy collaboration with friends and joyful user experience. It is cool for discovering, sharing your thoughts and staying tuned. Thanks a lot for checking us out! We would love feedback on Hubbos and we are here to answer any questions or take suggestions! Hope you enjoy it! Thank you for hunting us, Eric! We are incredibly happy to be here with amazing ProductHunt family!
Hubbos looks like a cool Pinterest-esque site for discovery... There are many categories to take a look through. Simple but effective :) How is everything curated? @zharkov_maxim @blyudovsergey @DashaTraveller
@bentossell Thank you for your comment, Ben! Answering your question, we use both automatic and social algorithms. Automatic algorithms: we collect rating from different stores and discovery projects in real time. Social algorithms: just like on Product Hunt, we consider all users activity (adding to Watchlist, adding to personal hubs, comments, etc.). And as a result we have a relevant and honest trending for movies, books, games and apps.