Subscription daily contact lenses

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by Jake Crump (Head of Support at Product Hunt)

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As someone who loves all things subscription and wears daily contacts, I can't believe I didn't think of subscription contact lenses! The Hubble website is adorable, though it's highly unfortunate that it doesn't work on mobile. Signup is really nice: you enter in your prescription and the doctor that wrote it for you, and they verify. Super easy. I just signed up for my subscription/first box so I can't yet report back on the contact lenses themselves. The contacts they're offering are quite cheap: $30 for a month is $0.50/contact. My current contacts are $55 for 90 days, so slightly more expensive. I know some people have tried many brands before finding one that works for them. I'm not very sensitive, so I'm happy to try Hubble. I hope that, like other vertically integrated product offerings, they really can offer a product which is superior and cheaper. If not -- I'm only out $3 for this first two weeks.