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A while back we posted Hubble Stars which is an daily email newsletter of our analysts top ideas. It also was a way to test out another product - which is Hubble. With the collection of investor tools today I figured I would post this. We just opened up the Hubble platform to the public yesterday. There are two parts. The stream where smart people and our analysts are talking about private market companies, markets and trends - and Hubble Research where you can access our deepest research on the companies we cover. It's still early, but have a look. Hubble Stream is free and Hubble Research is $299 a month (use coupon code PRODUCTHUNT to get a month for free).
I'm a big fan of the daily Hubble Stars. Really interesting.
@troblous Great to hear you like the newsletter. That means you'll probably love the stream - it's the whole list of tidbits and stories our analysts are looking at. A ton of knowledge updated constantly. Do let me know if you have any feedback. We're always looking to improve.
Great team behind Hubble, I'm excited to keep my eye on Stream!
Huge fan of Hubble Stream. Tough to find curated insight + analysis of private company valuations. Very cool stuff.
The research that the team at Disruption produces in the Hubble reports is top notch. Hubble stream is a great way to follow along in real time w what they are thinking about and influence the discussion. Very cool that it's now free. Keep it up guys.