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Xavier AmorosMaker@xavieramoros · Huballin
Hi everyone! We are a team of marketers and hackers that want to help professional content creators find their next content ideas through data driven insights, with content recommendations based on search data, social media and semantic relations. We have been working really hard last few months to improve our tool. We would love to hear your feedback, say or just leave a comment here! Thanks so much @aleyda for hunting us and the rest for all the support!
Xavier AmorosMaker@xavieramoros · Huballin
@davidiwanow Bmw was once penalised by Google for Black Hat SEO Linkbuilding techniques (, that's the relation actually ;). We need to make it more apparent, sometimes they don't seem related at first glance. Thanks for your feedback! Btw, I love, I’ve bought many furniture & bikes there, as a student in The Netherlands! Bedank!
David Iwanow@davidiwanow · Global SEO Manager @ Schibsted
@xavieramoros ah yes that's right sketchy use of Javascript i recall.... wow that was a while ago... how well will it handle other languages such as Dutch....?
Xavier AmorosMaker@xavieramoros · Huballin
@davidiwanow currently we only support English, mainly because of the semantics that are happening behind scenes but also cost reasons. We plan to launch some minitools regularly, like the KWgrouper we just launched ( These minitools will work in different languages (very soon) since they are much more simple.
David Iwanow@davidiwanow · Global SEO Manager @ Schibsted
Hmmm I do like the general idea, there are some strange suggested topics such as I picked "link building" and it suggested BMW... so I guess you just have to know a little bit and you will be right... I also love the real time updates on the dashboard once you pick your topics and you can add new topics or deselect items like BMW to give you better suggetions