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Thanks for posting, Bram! Hua is still very much in test mode so anyone who encounters bugs should not be surprised. :-)
@jackhoge What happened to this project ? The page is blank when I load it.
Wow, I'm really excited about this, @jackhoge! How do you recruit in foreign countries? Do you speak Chinese yourself?
@KikiSchirr Most of the early testers are in Taiwan -- I used to live there, and took some Mandarin classes, so I know that demand for language exchange is strong. I scraped emails from a few Taiwanese classifieds sites and emailed them all. 20% signed up from the cold email. English/Mandarin is the first language pair I've focused on, but I'll soon target English/Spanish and others. All the major language pairs should get filled out after launching the native apps. By the way, finding foreigners learning English is actually way easier than the reverse!
@jackhoge I can imagine, actually. I figured you spoke some Mandarin from the name/authenticity of the Chinese language. Plus there are a lot of Mandarin speakers on the site! How cool, I was just thinking that I needed a language partner the other day, and now I have a great method of finding one! Let me know if you ever need feedback or anything!
@KikiSchirr always looking for feedback! especially after the native apps are launched, i want to have a better idea of what goes well (or wrong) in language exchanges -- does boredom strike? do users end up just sticking to one language? does learning stagnate because you don't know what to talk about next? You're on the list now so you'll be notified when the native apps launch. Thanks for the support!