In-browser HTTP request interception

HTTPView is an advanced HTTP traffic auditing and replay tool.

* Intercept request and responses without a proxy with the SecApps Extension

HTTP and HTTPS (SSL) interception out of the box

* "Co-pilot" - automatic passive and active vulnerability scanning

* Request filters

* Request and response syntax highlighters

* Code generators

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Hey, founder of SecApps here. HTTPView is a world-class HTTP interception tool that helps you understand how web applications work. We have added a lot of features to simplify the experience and offer features beyond the normal intercepting proxies. The tool also works right from your very own browser - no need to install or configure additional software. While HTTPView is security oriented and it has been used actively during many security tests, it also fits any many other workflows such as web development and research. Let me know if you have any feedback for us.
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