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Rad site. I love browsing through beautiful websites. I wonder what the criterion are for the site to be featured, unsure of the measure of "Shit hot"edness.
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@nicksmithr yeah I don't get that metric either. Shit isn't very hot and do you really want to compare your product to mildy warm crap?
@thehashrocket @nicksmithr Late response but it's a UK phrase which means "The best" etc.
A curated showcase of shit-hot web design with a less-is-more bent.
@kwdinc Thanks for hunting this - truly. I'm getting inspired already just by the way this site uses date cataloguing!
Hmmm... fresh, hot, steamy feces...not positive that's the imagery intended - but hey - it got me to click! πŸ€”πŸ€£πŸ™ƒ
Looks decent, but what makes this more useful than Awwwards?
@greg_x_willis Simplicity is my first thought. Awwwards looks like an interesting site as well, though. Plus, there's no voting on Httpster... It looks like it's purely created as an inspiration corner of the web. Scroll through the minimalistically designed site to get an influx of awesomeness w/out the unnecessary calls to action or fluff of gamification.
@kristindrysdale @greg_x_willis well, I would argue here, because there are really quite useful filters on awwwards, besides there are some key metrics for every site to be featured like Design, Usability, Content, etc. In case of Htttpster there are neither filters nor any understanding why some websites are featured, and some not. And the last but not the least: no Submit Your Website button.
@kristindrysdale @greg_x_willis never mind my last comment. Found everything under the burger menu.
@aramiggs @greg_x_willis It took me a second time coming to the site to find the burger menu as well... Might be some valuable feedback for their team.
@kristindrysdale @greg_x_willis Agree 1000% on the hamburger. All tests they underperform having menu items visible. Sometimes users don't realize they are "searching for something," (e.g. Interested in a particular menu item) -> until they see it called out in front of them. So they never even look for the hamburger bar. They might consider writing MENU to the left of it in the white space of the bar. Guarantee would get more clicks there. Goal of almost any site is at least partially interaction, no?
Great name.