Supercharged HTTP(S) debugging, in one click

HTTP View is an x-ray for HTTP(S), for debugging, building, testing & reverse-engineering anything that speaks HTTP.
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Hi Product Hunt! HTTP View is the first release of HTTP Toolkit: a suite of beautiful & open-source tools for debugging, testing and building with HTTP(S). I've been working on the internals of all this as a free & open-source project for a year or two now. That came together as a standalone free app a few months back, and today's the day it goes freemium (but still 100% open-source), with a pile of massive new features and a move towards long-term sustainability. Main features: - One-click too-easy HTTP & HTTPS interception - Powerful tools to quickly scan, explore & examine everything you intercept, including docs for all standard HTTP headers & status codes, and body formatting & editing powered by Monaco (the internals of Visual Studio Code) - API integrations for 1400+ APIs, powered by OpenAPI, giving you API-specific docs & validation on all matching requests - Performance analysis, warnings & suggestions: HTTP Toolkit understands HTTP compression & caching, so you don't have to. Like it? I'd love to hear your feedback, let me know if you have any questions :-). Oh, and for the lovely people who read all this, use LAUNCH-DAY during the checkout for 20% off your subscription - only valid the end of today!
Hi Tim. I love the UI, good job. Do you plan to add a way to mofify and reply the requests ? I would to have this features :)
@jeremie_olivier That's coming very soon! HTTP View is the first release, with a lot of features but all read only. The next big step is exactly what you're looking for: live editing of intercepted requests & responses, and everything that relates to that (like automatic mocked APIs). If you're interested, sign up for the release mailing list ('Sign up for updates' at the bottom of, or the email signup after the app download), every big release will get published there.
Amazing! I like this product, far more usable than dev tools from chrome, and postman interceptor. Just miss the functionality of import/Export.
How did you came up with the idea?
@enthusiausted I used to use Fiddler ages ago (for Windows - there's also Charles for OSX people), and proxies like that are super useful for development, but they haven't been updated in forever, they're a pain to set up, and they don't work cross-platform at all (so on Linux, you're totally out of luck). I'd been building some open-source HTTP tools ( for a while already, and I realised I could make a much more powerful & useful alternative to the existing options by just wrapping a UI around my own tools, so I did exactly that at the start of this year. Seemed very popular, so now I'm trying to build it out into something bigger!

This tool is awesome plain and simple. Even in it's initial release state it has both saved me time and allowed continuation on projects that were sidelined due to, well due to not having this tool. When the additional 1-click capture options are implemented, there will truly be no parallel to HTTP Toolkit. So much easier than fiddling around with a MITM proxy, one click and you're off! Keep an eye on this one!


Fills a much needed gap in HTTPS debugging and reverse engineering Very responsive developer


Browser detection can glitch out and not realize you have Firefox installed