Free & easy to use HTML email signature generator.

htmlsig is a web service to create and manage email signatures for a team or multiple companies.

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Always find these html signatures class up my emails. Love it when they're standardized across everyone in a company. This makes it so easy. Gonna get my whole company to use it.
Hello Producthunters, I’m Sebastien, the founder of , if you have any questions, feel free to ask us here and I’ll do my best to answer them.
@sebastienb Hi there! I tried to look for a contact point on your site but didn't find one - I would definitely recommend adding either an email address or a contact form on the site for people to submit questions directly. A contact form would give you a chance to nurture prospects through email with automated email campaigns in Mailchimp (or whatever you choose). I sent this over to mgmt this morning and the one question they had was that in the past, we had used HTML signatures with links to case studies or white papers, but the links sometimes triggered false spam classification. Have you seen this occur with HTMLsig through any particular email providers?
@sebastienb Great job adding the app download links! Very slick product. Thanks!
@sebastienb Can we deploy custom sigs per domain the organization? —domain1 gets domain1 sigs
@joemaristela If you have a pro account you can use what we call generators and create a template for each domain, in the template you can set some fields as editable and other locked. An example scenario would be: You create a generator for domain1 users and set the company info such as logo, office address, and telephone as locked but let them enter their name, direct phone, email, and title. After creating the generator you send the entire company an email with the link to the generator and they can go, fill it out and get their signature. You then repeat the step for domain2, 3 and all the signatures will populate in your dashboard under each generator and later you can go there to check stats :-)
Hi Tori, thanks for the suggestions! We have been using social media to communicate with our free users and Zendesk for the subscription users but we are transitioning everyone to go through Zendesk. As for the SPAM question you asked, email providers will mark emails as SPAM sometimes if it has a link pointing to a server that has been flagged for spamming. Our servers are not flagged and we have not heard of this happening to any of our customers as the only links they use on their signatures are to their social media profiles and company websites.
Just a quick thumbs-up for the founders. I've worked with Luc and have had a chance to talk to Sebastien. I haven't tried their product (not a customer) but they are great guys, recommend them unconditionally. is this the only way that gmail users can update their sigs?
@joemaristela at the moment yes that is the only way to update install your signature to your Gmail account