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HTMLhouse is a simple, frictionless way to publish HTML. Create your page and preview your changes in real-time. When you're ready, press submit and share the link you get!

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Marcus Karoumi
Marcus KaroumiHunter@mkaroumi · Marketing @
I'm in love with simplistic editors like this one. "HTMLhouse helps you publish HTML quickly. Use the editor / preview to build your HTML page, and press publish when you're done. That's it!" Check it out! 😎
Matt Baer
Matt BaerMaker@ilikebeans · Founder at
Thanks @mkaroumi! We wanted to create a dead-simple tool for sharing HTML that didn't get in your way, and this is what we came up with. We'd love to hear any feedback and see what everyone creates!
Soufian Malih
Soufian Malih@malihsoufian · Founder & product @
Real time makes it really outstanding!
Matt Baer
Matt BaerMaker@ilikebeans · Founder at
Karim@jibly · Goal: Make Learning Addictive
Cool. Looks similar to my project:
Matt Baer
Matt BaerMaker@ilikebeans · Founder at
@jibly Very cool, seems like a great tool for teaching HTML and CSS! We're targeted more towards sharing HTML or producing publicly-accessible URLs, e.g. if, as a developer, you need a callback URL for a third party application.