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E’llo Product Hunters! HTML to WordPress is a powerful converter app to help website owners, developers/designer and agencies to convert their HTML websites to premium quality WordPress themes in seconds. Just upload a website into the tool and after a few seconds you’ll see a fully functional premium quality WordPress theme activated and installed on a fresh WordPress installation for an easy live preview. If you like what you see, you can download the theme for $9 per .html page - Simple, quick and effortless! The goal of the tool is to greatly simplify developers & designers life by automating a lot of manual work when creating WordPress projects. We’ve also seen a lot of non-technical website owners and managers who have converted their current website so they can update content by themselves instead of emailing a developer. After the conversion everything is optimized to work with WordPress out of the box including automagically setting appropriate asset paths (CSS, JS, images, videos etc). You can create your website with whatever visual editor tools such as Webflow, Macaw, Dream Viewer etc. or which ever frameworks like Bootstrap or Foundation you feel comfortable with and then convert a client shippable WordPress theme out when the site is ready. Because almost every agency ships client sites with ACF (http://www.advancedcustomfields....) we decided to do this by default. This makes all text and images easily editable for non-technical users (the clients). No custom code is required and the tool works out of the box with any html based website, moreover the site can be extended with WordPress functionality such as editable menus or blog posts by adding CSS classes. Learn more about this in our docs: http://htmltowordpress.io/docs/ Would love to hear your brutal and honest feedback and answer any questions that may arise here on PH or via onsite chat. P.S. If anyone wants to convert their websites to sell on Theme Forest - send email to henrik@htmltowordpress.io
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@henrikharju sounds epic! Any plans on expanding​ it in the future, to be able just to upload a PSD as well? That would even be more awesome!
@jcvangent We don't currently have plans to support PSD to WordPress. Looking to perfect and concentrate on doing HTML to WordPress the best way possible first.
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@henrikharju totally agree on that one..good thing to keep the focus and execute on that! At one point in the future though, it might be nice ;-)
@jcvangent We'll keep this in mind. Thanks for the suggestion! :)
@henrikharju Great job on this! Let me know (vlad - at - webflow.com) if there's anything we can do to make the conversion process easier for sites created in Webflow.
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Harry you will make a sh** load of money with a white label plan for web agencies. Amazing job, I'll test it for sure
@demoweb_co What do you mean by a white label plan exactly? As in a tool that agencies can offer to convert client websites on their site?
Oh this is such a beauty! But so many jobs lost, quite the beautiful but painful reality of every tech development.
This is super interesting, I've spent tens of thousands over the past decade solving this exact problem when I used to manage client sites. I am curious how easy it is to build out the site from here. For example if we took the current product hunt homepage (), would each spot be a separate post with custom image and link declared (under a specific template) so users could add new spots and see the others slide off/bump down; or is it more a static page where that's all stored as a single page where the images/text can be swapped out but isn't handled as a post with custom fields (and/or) metadata
@adamscochran Great to hear that you would find use for the tool! In your example the individual products would be WordPress posts that would then be listed by using our developer documentation as in adding special classes for the html elements. Currently more special features like voting would need to be implemented manually after the conversion. Right now we have focused more on making the content easily editable but are looking to implement more advanced features like these along the way so we will keep this in mind :)
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Wow, just finished hard-coding an HTML page and may give it to someone, only problem is they would need a hard-coder. Now, I could just convert it to WP and teach them WP. DOPE DOPE DOPE