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Create HTML snippets with a simple WYSIWYG editor

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Henrik HarjuMaker@henrikharju
HTML Editor is a free online tool, meaning it works in the browser and there's nothing to install. It can be used to create HTML snippets that can be sent to a developer to be used in a blog post to make things nice and smooth for him. Simply copy and paste your documents into the WISYWYG editor and it will be converted into a clean web-friendly HTML format. It works with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Google docs and almost anything you can imagine. You can also just use the WYSIWYG editor as a simple text editor or an online word doc replacement.
Paweł Waraksa@pawelwaraksa · Product Designer /
The same feature was in old Microsoft Office! I miss this! :D
Harri HeljalaMaker@harzzn
@pawelwaraksa glad you like it! :)
Aram Shahinyan@aramiggs · Art Director at ZOOM GRAPHICS
so the "killer feature" is just in rendering the SOURCE button content on the right side?:)
Csaba Kissi@csaba_kissi · Developer & maker of Hunter Analysis
@aramiggs Seems to be created for SEO purposes only to target "HTML editor" keyword. I think it's almost impossible to outrank Top 5 competitors in SERP for this keyword as the DA is quite strong there.
Harri HeljalaMaker@harzzn
@csaba_kissi @aramiggs right now the killer feature is to translate documents to html and vice versa and edit these easily on the fly. Other features in the pipeline are ready made html snippets you could drop in. Let me know if theres any other features you might be interested in!
Csaba Kissi@csaba_kissi · Developer & maker of Hunter Analysis
Seems to be Tinymce.
Harri HeljalaMaker@harzzn
@csaba_kissi yes we use the most established libraries to give you the best user experience!
Paul Wilke@paul_wilke
THX !!!