htaccess tester

Test your htaccess rewrite rules

htaccess rewrite engine testing tool, updated with a brand new CLI tool, GitHub Action, a PHP SDK and more.
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Hi Hunters! I am Andreas, the original creator of the tool. First of all, thanks for hunting this @vinch! Writing .htaccess files can be an annoying task. There’s a lot written about it, but it remains a hard topic to get right, especially if you’re only doing this infrequently. Testing those files can be hard because it requires a local Apache server running or to upload it to a live server. That’s why we wrote the htaccess tester some years ago, and our users like it; it is being used thousands of times every month. That’s why we’ve decided – next to the regular maintenance we do – to spend some additional time to a redesign and to extend the product with some new features! - The CLI tool - Having a command-line equivalent to the htaccess tester was a long-time request and it is finally here! Checking how an htaccess file behaves might still be more clear in the web interface, but having this tool opens some cool new possibilities, such as testing htaccess files in your continuous integration suite. That’s why we also distribute the CLI tool using a docker container which is automatically built and pushed for every new tag. - GitHub Action - Since this command-line tool is mostly useful in a Continuous Integration environment, we also created a GitHub Action for it. This way you can be sure that after editing your htaccess file, it still follows the rules that are important for your codebase. It’s published in the GitHub marketplace and can thus be easily set up in your projects! - PHP API Client - Because of the CLI tool, we are now using the API in multiple codebases, so we extracted a small open-source API Client. A cool thing here is that it only relies on PSR interfaces, so you can use it with whichever HTTP client that implements these interfaces. This means that you won’t get into trouble when your project already uses, for example, an old version of Guzzle. You can read more on the changes here:
Just what i needed ! Thank you
@arthurcarayon Glad you like it!
This is a tool that has saved several hours for me! I've been a user of the original version since 2013 (or so). Really appreciate your effort. And it looks a lot more beautiful now 😍