HR Partner 3.0

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HR Partner 3.0 is cloud based HR software for your business.

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Hi @dsabar and @thehannahwright please tell us more about the new features that come in 3.0 πŸ™‚
πŸ‘‹Hi @abadesi - We are most excited about the new employee onboarding features, which many of our users requested. This includes employee onboarding/training checklists as well as brand new e-signature functionality, to make signing a breeze for employees.
Hey @abadesi - I am more than happy to! We've been listening to our users over the past year, and seen some commonality across features that they have been asking for. Since we launched v2.0 here last time, some of the big things we have added are: * Checklists - so that now you can ask employees or admin users to 'tick off' items of importance. Most commonly used during new employee onboarding, when you might want to complete a set of discrete tasks for new starters, like asking them to download and fill out important tax paperwork, and get your IT manager to set up their user access on your systems etc. * e-Signatures - We've built in comprehensive electronic signatures on documents all within our own system, so you can convert Word, Excel, PDF documents etc. to signable documents that can be sent to employee, applicants or even outside contractors for easy signing and storing within HR Partner. * Theming - users can now choose from a variety of different colour schemes for our app to suit their mood or company branding. * Automatic leave accruals - our users can now set up comprehensive leave/vacation tracking and have 'real time' balances shown to employees on our system. Our auto leave accruals handle things like resetting of unused leave, carrying over unused leave from one year to the next etc. Very useful for when your employees want to request leave on our system. Plus many, many other enhancements that are too numerous to mention here, including UX improvements to make things as easy as possible for our users. I'd encourage anyone who is interested in improving their HR to sign up for a free, no obligation trial for HR Partner. We look forward to saying 'Hello' to Product Hunters on our system, and we would love to hear any feedback that you might have for us.

We have used HR Partner at App Guys Inc for well over a year. We love the platform and their support is always super quick to get back to us when we have ideas, questions or anything else.


Tons of new features rolling out all the time


Haven't discovered one yet

Thanks, Ryan! 😊 So glad to hear it has been useful to you.
Hello! Big thanks to @kwdinc for hunting us. My co-founder Devan and I are super excited to show you HR Partner 3.0, and we've added a lot of new functionality. :-) The biggest improvement has been adding employee onboarding to the HRIS, including onboarding and training checklists + electronic signatures for documents. We've also released more time-off/leave tracking conditions to cater for many different scenarios (special time-off carry-over rules, caps, etc). We're helping SMBs better manage tedious HR tasks and move away from time-consuming spreadsheets as well as go paperless with a modern HRIS. Happy to answer any questions you may have β€” we'd love to know what you think!
Great job @dsabar @thehannahwright !! I would like slack onboarding and many other onboarding tools plus would love an chatbot which could guide the new users with some interactive content about the company or the purpose which they are hired for so that they can enjoy and learn from the software which wouldhelp them in their work time
Thanks for checking us out, @ayush_chandra ! Slack employee onboarding or a chatbot is a cool idea. 😎 Currently we have a Slack integration for checking to see who's on leave, and the idea of extending it to employee onboarding would be really interesting. Appreciate your feedback!