HR Partner 2.0

Modern time off & recruitment (with kanban hiring boards!)

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Hello and thanks for hunting us, Mary! Today my co-founder Devan and I are excited to show you HR Partner 2.0. A lot has happened since the initial launch — along with easy time off management, we've added applicant tracking and recruitment (with Trello-like boards), Slack integration, calendar sync, employee turnover reports, and more. This month product hunters can use coupon code “PRODUCTHUNTJUNE” to get an exclusive discount. :-) We're helping HR managers and business owners spend less time in spreadsheets so that they can free up time and do more of what they love. We believe that HR tools should save time (not waste time) and that they should be easy to use, teach, and adopt. HR managers and business owners can have all of their HR needs in one place, instead of feeling like they have to rely on multiple tools. Happy to answer any questions here, or you can reach out to me directly anytime at
Love the philosophy of HR Partner. Too often, HR tools look like they were designed in the 90s and everyone gets frustrated using it—HR and the employees. No wonder they are forced to export and use the data in spreadsheets! @thehannahwright what is the one thing your HR manager customers really clicked with for this release?
Thanks @kunalslab — really appreciate it! I'd say that our users are most happy with the fact that they don't have to use multiple tools to solve different HR challenges (too often people will have one tool for employee records, another tool for time off, another for recruitment and so on). After a lot of calls and conversations, we learned that their #1 wish was recruitment and in the process, users and other HR experts shared their thoughts + gave feedback as we built it which we are super grateful for. It's been a journey and we've learned a lot!
Thank you @kunalslab for the nice feedback. Yes, we've put a lot of effort into making our interface really easy to use compared to many legacy HR systems. We really wanted to reduce the barrier to usability, especially for non-technical HR managers. We've also spent a lot of time listening to feedback from users (and potential users), and @thehannahwright has done a great job of collating all those requests and formulating the specs for our newly released recruitment module. Early response has been fantastic, and it feels really good to be able to deliver something that HR and recruitment managers really want. :)
Great idea. Love the trello feel to it!
Thanks for your feedback @russellmsilver — we think Trello is awesome (and we use it all the time), so I'm glad you like our new Trello-inspired hiring boards!