Code, design & marketing courses reduced to 5sec GIF's

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I like the basics of this idea! Howww-to reduces online courses to 5sec GIF's. Enabling anyone in the world to learn the basics of new tech-skills in record-time. You can watch for free or pay a fee to help keep this website alive. @jibly can answer your Q's!
Awesome! Tnx for hunting this one. Happy to answer any questions and collect feedback. Requests for courses are welcome as well.
@jibly Karim this is great! love the use of gifs.
@rorybro Tnx, any course request :) ?
@jibly hmmm - right now no requests, but I will definitely think about it! Feel free to us gifyoutube to make your gifs ;).
@rorybro will do! I already experimented with it yesterday. So Lets keep in touch :)
@jibly absolutely. Lots of ways to work together :). Feel free to ping me when you're free ^_^