Simple web app to set questions & track your answers

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The only improvement for this product I can come up with would be that the question is asked and answered through email, saving you the hassle to remember to login. But you already know my thoughts ;-)
@leonpals Hey Leon. Yeah appreciate your thoughts on this for sure. We're looking at how we can integrate emails into the service and have lots of potential features that we're considering integrating. Agree that emails would be useful for a large %.
@leonpals yep this was where Thinkfuse stood out - full email integration. I believe the work they did there was hard, but a big factor in their LinkedIn acquisition.
@leonpals @dshan I think it's a really useful feature for sure. We've got a lot of options on how to expand & improve HowsItGoin, but we'll definitely consider this.
I think, it is simple and great product. My idea for this is, to create a chrome application. IN every new tab, you can recall me to answer the questions. That would be a killer feature.
@ozguralaz Thanks for the feedback Özgür. For Month 2 of SixBySix ( we are building a chrome extension which will display flashcards every time you open a new tab. We'll definitely consider bringing this functionality to HowsItGoin though!
@ozguralaz @mikeaag now that would be epic (: Building 6 tools that strengthen each other but that are also valuable apart from each other.
Premise reminds me a bit of Thinkfuse. Building in public:
@dshan Hey Derek, thanks for the post! Would love to hear your thoughts & feedback on HowsItGoin :)
Hi guys, one half of @wecontrast here, co-founder of HowsItGoin. We built the tool in 7 weeks, primarily for ourselves but excited to see others using it too. As @dshan says we're building in public as part of #SixBySix, would definitely love to hear people's feedback.
@fredrivett Nicely polished for only 7 weeks of work. Once it has enough data, I can imagine this reminding me about how I performed in the past, sort of like a @thinkup for productivity.
@thinkup @nickoneill Thanks Nick appreciate the feedback. Yeah I totally agree, the main benefit is the retrospective stats, that's what we wanted and led us to build it out. There's a benefit to the process of answering questions too though as it makes you more likely to do the things you'll be tracked on (like 'smile at 5 people today', or 'doing todays most important thing', whatever that may be).
I've been using Fitbit and it automatically tracks a number of things everyday such as how many steps you took or how many flights of stairs you climbed. It additionally allows you to track your weight which I've been using and find useful. I think HowsItGoing, similarly, can be quite useful.
@ziinko Hey Ziink. Thanks for the feedback! HowsItGoin is really flexible, so could be used to track anything you want really. It's best for those questions that you can't really automatically track, like 'how optimistic are you that project X will launch on time', 'did you compliment anyone today?' or 'did you do today's most important thing?'. Definitely love to hear everyone's feedback & use cases.