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Hey PH, we’re super-excited about sharing HowNow with you and to hear your thoughts on what we've built. HowNow enables experts to teach learners anywhere in the world over live, interactive video chat. Experts can set up an profile on HowNow in a few minutes with the topics they teach, rates, bio, and add their availability to their profile right from an existing Google calendar. Learners can automatically see their availability, book a lesson and join a live one-to-one or group video class at the click of a link, directly from within their browser. Through the right kind of education, we strongly believe every human being, no matter how impoverished or illiterate, can develop a new awareness of self. There are millions of people with expertise around the world that could be teaching but don’t because of the overheads required, and there are millions more who do not have access to high quality teaching just because of where they are based. In the Internet era, overheads and geography should not be barriers to teaching and learning. We started HowNow to change the way the world learns by enabling anyone with expertise to teach and by empowering people to learn from wherever they are. We’d love for you to try HowNow so here’s an exclusive 10% off your first session with the code HUNTNOW. Feel free to let us know if you have any questions!
Excited to be an early investor into HowNow. A very exciting venture with huge growth potential.
Amazing! Looks like an interesting product. Good luck Nelson!
What an absolutely awesome concept to learn, teach and grow!