Hello Product Hunt community, I've just launched lists the average price of a pint of beer across 70 cities worldwide, starting with the cheapest places in the world to buy a pint. I created it because every time a friend comes back from a trip abroad I always ask them one question. It’s not about the weather. It’s not about the food. It’s about the beer. I always ask, ‘how much for a pint of beer there?’ It’s like some sort of ‘travel gauge’ or something for me.Friends tell me ‘that’s so Australian!’ But I don’t think I’m alone on this one. The price of a pint of beer is a big deal. Especially when travelling right? Depending on your location, the site displays the prices in GBP, USD or Euros. Prices are based on the average cost of an imperial pint ( 56cl ). All data listed has been extrapolated from the Go Euro Beer Price index 2016. All feedback welcome. Cheers!
@craigjbarber Ha nice! Theres the issue that people in America and Australia may reference 'a pint' but its not actually same as a British pint
@bentossell Hey Ben, thanks for your input. Yeah I did do some research. The US does serve pints, they are slightly less in volume then the British Imperial Pint. Australia, Melbourne especially does serve pints, but mostly the smaller 'Schooner' - don't ask me where that name came from. The site is a bit of fun, mostly aimed at the U.K.
@craigjbarber yeh schooners are because its so hot in Aus that the beer doesnt get warm by the time you reach the end.... (depending on the kind of drinker you are haha) I dont know why the US pints are smaller though
Prices are right for most cities I've visited. Good job.
@joseph_ayoub Thanks Joseph, initially after a slow start, I'm seeing some traffic now. Mostly from Europe via Social. Cheers!
Spring break Slovakia
@evankimbrell Ha ha too right Evan! Sounds like plan : )
@michalhudecek As attractive as #Prague is, at $4, look who's cheapest for a pint of #beer
@osakasaul Where they got $4? It's usually between 1-2. Always cheaper than water. Someone ripped them off! :)