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GM of Howl here! We created Howl to change the way you think about podcasting. Let me explain. Howl is owned by Midroll Media. At Midroll, we produce ~30 top ranked podcasts like Comedy Bang Bang, How Did This Get Made, and Spontaneanation. We also sell ads on another 200 podcasts including WTF With Marc Maron and Startalk Radio With Neil Degrasse Tyson. We are the best in the business at monetizing free podcasts. The formula is simple: Create great content and release new episodes on a frequent and regular basis. Over time, the audience will grow. Then we can sell ads against that audience. But audience growth takes time. What if an artist is interested in producing a one-off hour long special? Or an expensive to produce, non-recurring mini series? We enjoy content in those formats in other mediums, but currently not in podcasts, because the ad-sales model makes them unviable. And that’s how we came up with Howl Premium, the Netflix of Podcasts. On Howl Premium, for $4.99/mo, users can listen to dozens of brand new, exclusive mini series, one-off documentaries, and comedy albums. Amazing exclusive content made economically viable through a small subscription fee. And on top of that, listeners have exclusive access to the full archives of WTF with Marc Maron, and the archives of all the ~30 Earwolf produced shows like Comedy Bang Bang. And there is much, much more to come! I would encourage everyone to check it out. For the next 7 days, we have a special offer for Product Hunt users. Receive 2 free months of Howl Premium (a $10 value), if you use coupon code PRODUCTHUNT while checking out on Howl.FM. Please be aware the coupon code is only valid when you check out on Howl.FM (not our mobile apps). After checking out on Howl.FM, feel free to download our iOS or Android app. We would love feedback on our new shows and/or our apps!! There will be new content added on a weekly basis. FWIW: As of now, my personal favorite mini series on Howl is ‘The Complete Woman’ - It is hilarious and like no other podcast I have ever heard. Thanks all, and please let us know what you think!
This is an interesting experiment. I can certainly say that I'd be tempted to pay to see what this show is all about =):
Awesome work team Howl. It's fantastic that you got Maron and his archives onboard with the launch. Maron's audience alone is a big group. I'm most interested in seeing what shows you can pilot on the network, and then spin-out into bigger series.
This is really interesting. Personally the only thing that bothers me about adverts in podcasts is that they are usually from the same handful of companies. I would like to see more features demonstrated on the landing page. What _exactly_ am I getting for $4.99?
@itsjoeturner Thanks for the comment! For $4.99/month, you get access to a lot of exclusive podcasts and mini-series : - All the Earwolf, Wolfpop and WTF with Marc Maron archives - Howl Originals shows. Those are brand new shows made exclusively for Howl Premium. The Sklar Brothers, Superego or Lauren Lapkus already have shows on Howl Premium, and we are planning on launching a new Howl Original episode every week. - Dozens of comedy albums!