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Here's a Medium post talking about Howdy and some of their other plans: https://medium.com/why-not/your-...
Super fascinating. Amazing to see learning technology and a new collaboration platform come together. Wondering how ongoing training works--how is data used to improve the system?
@stevesi right now training is explicitly user driven - users tell Howdy what to do and say. In the future we are hopeful to learn from user behavior around timing, reminder behavior, etc to tune the bots ability to provide "just in time" help
Great to see Slack bots receiving serious funding and recognition. Following @benbrown writing on bots for a while, I'm sure this is going very far. Already installed it on our team (waiting for him to turn on his green light on my Slack sidebar!)
I had a chance to hear Ben Brown speak to an investor group in Austin and lets just say I was impressed! What an amazing product and mission. People building amazing powerful tools deserve your attention. This product deserves an up-vote!
@arlogilbert wish I had a chance to talk with you at that weird event. Let's get coffeeB
One of the handiest looking Slackbots I've seen. Well played!