How We Got To Now

Six innovations that made the modern world

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Also, I'm doing a chat here at Product Hunt later today (October 12). Hope to see some of you there -- happy to talk about HWGTN or any of my other books.
As the author, I thought the product was excellent. :) I hope you all get a chance to read it (and watch the show, now on Netflix.) One nice thing about the book is that both hardcover and paperback have lovely full-color images, printed on really nice paper. Makes a good gift!
@ems_hodge I've got this on my bookshelf, but haven't round to reading it yet; what's your thoughts on it? (if you've read it)
Haven't read the book but really enjoy the PBS series. It's on @Netflix as well.
@ryanshook ditto! I really MUST this book - I have been far too lazy and let the TV do the work for me so far ;)
Have read this book. Its a good read. Well explained concepts.