How Trump are you?

How Trump is your Twitter or Reddit account?

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6%. i think that's preeeettyyyy low (thank god)
@thewrongjoshua thanks Josh tell your friends find out who is the Trump-iest
Just looking at the "Related Products" in the margins, it appears our "leader" is spawning a whole generation of new offerings. He said he was good for business. I'm currently afraid to take the test, but probably will anyway.
Like the idea but can't get it working in Safari (iPhone 6)
@galka_max It should work on safari. Its working fine on my iPhone 5 and android.
@galka_max Can you give me details on the error
This site used natural language processing to compare your twitter or reddit account to Trump's. The site returns a percentage likeness based on phrases that Trump uses most commonly when he tweets. It is also hilarious.