How to Win Friends and Influence People

The classic book on communication and empathy

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Shaan from Bebo (@ShaanVP) most recently recommended this book to me, though I'd been told to read it numerous times (and not only when I was being stubborn!) However, his recommendation was the final push I'd needed to open the ebook I'd already purchased---and what a book! I cannot recommend this book highly enough, or widely enough. Literally everyone would benefit from reading it. It's how to human.
@kikischirr Seems this has already been hunted - I was actually a bit disappointed by this book, to be honest. I read it at the end of a stream of books on social engineering, and to me it came across a little bit as "how not to rock the boat so people let you stick around". I always felt that he encourages you to give up too much of yourself in order to be liked. Ironically, this seems to be a somewhat unpopular opinion :)
@rossdcurrie the concept of never giving criticism or censure, or of directly opposing another person's idea is extreme--but I get the idea that it's an ideal more than done! lol And whoops, sorry for my double-post, lol.