How To Track Customer Acquisitions

Customer Lifecycle, Sales Funnel, and Content Strategy

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This article will walk you through the customer acquisition funnel for SaaS companies. The primary goal is to help you design, analyze, and optimize your customer acquisition process. The secondary goal is to present different perspectives on moving customers through the lifecycle stages and to show how marketing, sales, and customer success teams should collaborate and where each team’s responsibilities lay. Hopefully, everyone will find at least one useful idea to try or to test. The effectiveness of your customer acquisition funnel can be tracked by metrics that measure leakages when moving prospects from one stage to the other. The process of handing over prospects from the marketing to sales team and from the sales to customer success team presents higher than average risks of losing prospects, missing data, or miscommunication between teams about responsibilities, definitions, and success metrics. Content strategy is one of the most effective ways for companies to increase the velocity with which prospects move from one stage to the other. As we go through each step in the funnel it will become clear why it is crucial to analyze content strategy from a customer lifecycle perspective.
@myxys Awesome article. Very detailed. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and knowledge, really!
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@glaboo_com awesome. Connect with me on Linkedin. I'm working on in-depth guide to lead nurturing, scoring, drip email campaign design.
@myxys AWESOME work! I have read all the sales book I could find since the beginning of 2016 and your post summarize the whole process in one clear patern. Too many people don't understand the link/difference between sales and marketing. Again, well done. EVERYONE interested in sales should read your post. I'll be following you from now on to not miss any of your upcoming posts! EDIT: One thing I would add to your giant graphic is a GROWTH layer with the 5 steps from the Pirate Dave McClure AARRR framework (Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral, Revenue). You would end up with: Content strategy, Customer Lifecycle, Sales funnel and Growth framework.
Next section will cover Lead Nurturing, Lead Scoring, and Drip email campaign design
@myxys You are the hero I've been looking for. I'd LOVE to see your take on marketing + sales stacks and how to build them for rookies | intermediates | pros
@alexander_haque maybe, my next take will be on lead scoring, nurturing, and drip email campaigns.
Quality stuff. A really structured explainer @myxys
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Awesome. Content is important to grow active users.
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