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The simple creator tool for ‘how-to’ stories

#5 Product of the WeekFebruary 26, 2019

Tick.Done. is an instant knowledge platform on a mission to empower one billion people to learn a million new things. Our creator tool allows you to share your skills and knowledge instantly in a simple step-by-step format that can be opened anywhere.

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Hello ProductHunters! 👋 Franz here from Tick.Done! We’re super stoked to be here 🙀 Over the past year, we have been secretly building our micro-video platform which enables you to perform plenty of tasks and new skills in less than a minute 💡 We call it "just-in-time learnings" but "Snapchat meets How-To videos" is also catchy. Our team believes that the current state of online video no longer matches its purpose ❌ Too many platforms are designed to keep you on their as long as possible, with smart algorithms sending you down rabbit holes of content (with no intention of empowering them to implement what they’re learning in real life) At Tick. Done, we’re on a mission to empower a billion people to do a million new things. It’s the internet squeezed out for all its good stuff. With our How-To Story Creator tool, you can easily record and edit stories on the go which are then searchable in Google and can be viewed even without the app, helping others around the world 🌍 This is our first major release from the platform and as always it's in constant beta, but we are super excited to see it fly! Have a look, share something your great at and let us know what you think! 🎉🎉🎉 Thanks Franz 😎
Thank you so much for your ongoing support and feedback everybody, what a launch! 🎉🎉🎉 Happy to see the first major release from our platform is so well received, there are many more to come as we push to achieve our mission of enabling a billion people to do a million new things! 🔥 Best, Franz and the entire team at Tick. Done.
@franz_schrepf any future plans of integration between Instagram stories? Exporting the videos as individual clips to share how-tos on Instagram?
@ryan_wenk Hi Ryan! Exporting videos as individual clips for use on other platforms is definitely on our roadmap. Instagram unfortunately doesn't allow direct publishing to stories yet but we hope it'll get there soon so we can share more how-tos
Looks like it tackles that issue of watching a 'how to' video and having to rewind and rewatch the important bits, so I can see how useful this will be. Look forward to the Android version!
@stu_waterman Spot on 🔥If you want you can follow us on our channels we'll let you know when the Android version drops! 😊 💣
Is there an android version?
@karlmartybalingit Hey Karl 👋 Not yet, unfortunately! We have been building one alongside this version and it should be ready soon 🔥

Having tutorials, and, even other story-based content (seen a few travel slides on there and life hacks on there) just makes sense. Looks great on screen. Perfect 5/7


Intuitive interface and great formatting of content, I love it


The Thumbs up feature is okay, but there’s no commenting on videos which is a shame.

Thanks for the review! Really appreciate the feedback 🙏🏻 We're deffo looking into commenting and direct messages as a means to communicate with other Tick creators!
Looking forward to using this for sharing procedures
@ashley_parker1 I look forward to seeing your Tick Stories 🔥