How To Start A Startup Without Ruining Your Life

A guide to changing the world & embracing the rollercoaster

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Rik LomasMaker@riklomas · CEO at SuperHi
Hey everyone, I'm the writer of the book. Ask me any questions and I'll answer them!
Dave Schools@daveschools_ · Founder of Entrepreneur's Handbook
Great design. Quick, snappy content that subjectively covers an impressive range of subject matter. Reads like an anecdotal how-to guide. Enjoyed it.
Rik LomasMaker@riklomas · CEO at SuperHi
@daveschools_ Thanks Dave. There's no one way to do a startup so everyone's advice is different. Just hoping it helps someone out there!
Victor Manrique@victormanriquey · Product guy
Hey Rik, read the blogpost (and will have a look at the book), loved the list of places to find great employees, didn't know a few of them. Thanks! :+1:
Rik LomasMaker@riklomas · CEO at SuperHi
@victormanriquey No problem! Glad you enjoyed the post/book!
Steven Hambleton@stinhambo · Founder, Emailancer
What's the biggest roller coaster you've ever been on?
Rik LomasMaker@riklomas · CEO at SuperHi
@stinhambo I have a fear of heights so rollercoasters actually freak me out a little so if I'm on anything moving above a few metres from the ground, my brain just tells me "nope". So probably biggest roller coaster is this:
Emil Bruckner@emilbruckner · building
This one is amazing!