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Hey everyone, I'm the writer of the book. Ask me any questions and I'll answer them!
Great design. Quick, snappy content that subjectively covers an impressive range of subject matter. Reads like an anecdotal how-to guide. Enjoyed it.
@daveschools_ Thanks Dave. There's no one way to do a startup so everyone's advice is different. Just hoping it helps someone out there!
Hey Rik, read the blogpost (and will have a look at the book), loved the list of places to find great employees, didn't know a few of them. Thanks! :+1:
@victormanriquey No problem! Glad you enjoyed the post/book!
What's the biggest roller coaster you've ever been on?
@stinhambo I have a fear of heights so rollercoasters actually freak me out a little so if I'm on anything moving above a few metres from the ground, my brain just tells me "nope". So probably biggest roller coaster is this:
This one is amazing!