How To Start A Startup

YC Stanford Class as an Audio Podcast Available on iTunes

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I don't have a ton of time to sit in front of my computer and watch videos. An audio version of the class that I can get as podcast is so much easier to consume.
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@thorpus +1 on this. The podcast has made it super easy to consume the content, and I don't feel I've missed a ton in the way of visuals.
@thorpus Thanks for sharing :)
@thorpus Thanks for the share :) Podcast is perfect for me also, for the time I spend sitting in traffic!
@thorpus Just subscribed, totally agree - all about audio. Note, I do end up listening to a lot of visual stuff, certain things work out fine.
just subscribed. much easier to listen than watch. and if i learn something amazing, i usually go back to check the slides.
Why only on iTunes? Why?! Am I the only person who's not an Apple fangirl?
@crixlet So there's two of us :) But seriously, what's the deal? iTunes is horrid, and Android is pretty awesome, so a little less Apple snobbery would be nice.
Would be great to get this on PocketCasts on my Blackberry Passport. Not a huge iPhone fan.
sorry non iOS friends. Until another solution is worked out, you can listen to the How to Start a Start Up YT playlist from your Youtube app!