How to Speak Emoji

Become fluent in the world's most creative communication

Haha love this! From the 'Pickup Lines' section: They have some rude ones... 👍🍐 = you've got a great pair 🍆🔭🆚🔬 = how big is it? Some inventive ones: 🏇💨😴🏃🔄🌚 = Are you a racehorse? Because you've been running through my mind all night Some foodie ones: 🍴🐄😋😮🐴? = Is this really beef? 🍴🏄 ⛳️ 🙏 = I'll have the surf and turf please And one of my favs 🎮🚽= Game of Thrones Such a perfect Xmas gift!! 😂😂😂 @fredbenenson - would love for you to jump in :) maybe ask questions in emojis!
@fredbenenson Fred!! tell us this story please 😃 In emoji's or words - I don't mind!
@bentossell I tried building a Emoji Translation Engine (, but have done a couple other emoji projects, most notably Emoji Dick (, and Ebury, a UK imprint of Penguin/Randhouse UK reached out to me with the idea of writing this book. A couple of months and a very large Google Spreadsheet filled with emoji later, this book was born. There's a US version coming out later in 2016!
@bentossell that plus the emoji paintings I saw from couple days ago. Emojis are all over the place 😆!
Yo, this pairs perfectly with Giemtori @ryankopinsky. Would be awesome to be able to send new users a how to speak emoji guidebook.
@urbnist I pre-ordered the book. Def open to exploring a collaboration with @fredbenenson
emoji makes me feel old. I need this for me. 😕
@bentossell Who is the maker of this?
@ryankopinsky If I knew I'd get them in here ASAP! I'll get looking
@bentossell pre-ordered a copy so if you can't find the author, I'll let you know as soon as I receive the book.
I just discovered that emoji marketing is a thing, so I could definitely use this book.