How to say no.

Templates to help you say no in any situation.

#5 Product of the MonthApril 2020
Saying no is hard, but essential to your own productivity (and sanity). Here are some templates you can use, including some examples from Naval, Tim Ferriss, Casey Neistat, and more!
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Hey everyone - I've been trying to say "no" more often. For example... - How to say no to "coffee" - How to say no to extra projects - How to say no to unnecessary meetings - the list goes on... I put together this little "mini-site" of alllll the different situations where you might want to say "no", as well as some pretty neat templates from Naval, Tim Ferriss, Paul Graham, Casey Neistat, etc. I hope it inspires you to say no! (you can also download the templates into Pigeon (my Gmail plugin) for easy use - but that is completely optional!)
@thepatwalls Looks useful! Glad that we are both launching something on the same day Pat!
@mikerubini Haha! Congrats on your launch looks great :)
@thepatwalls my personal favorite "How to say no to an appearance on a brand new podcast." More useful than the others!
@ksaitor I use that one all the time.
Does what the DARE program never could
@dakota_felder Haha! next project "" !!
I like it. Good job compiling it all πŸ‘
@antdke Thanks Anthony! Trying to find more famous people examples so if you find anymore let me know so I can add!
Literally every single day I'm facing those situation and wished I could have these templates. A big THANK YOU!
@marcaime glad it can help, even just a littel! although saying no is easier said than done! And it's a lot easier over email than in person :)
If I'm being honest with myself, I could definitley use this. Thank you!
@cellus_christie Thanks Marcell! Hope it helps you say no just a bit more often :)