Made with ❤️and the help of 40 talented and warm-hearted Product Managers from Google, Shopify, Coursera and others, How to Product aims to simulate the experience of sitting across them to learn about the crucial steps they took that led to their first PM role. Get it FREE for a limited time.
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Hello 👋 everyone, I hope you are all staying healthy and safe during these uncertain times. I’m a first time maker on Product Hunt, and I'm super excited to be sharing what I've been working on over the past 16 months. Getting a job as a Product Manager is difficult, especially without any formal experience. When I started my initial search to become a Product Manager, I found it most helpful to reach out to other PMs who could tell me about their experience. It turns out other people find this valuable too. I kicked off research to learn more about the typical journey people took when choosing to pursue product management as a career. Candidates shared their challenges when it came to an easy way to meet PMs to have extensive discussions. They also shared how beneficial this step was since it contributed towards their decision to pursue the role and for interview preparations. So I decided to help solve a part of the problem in the funnel of becoming a PM. Through a variety of interviews I conducted with present-day Product Managers, the book highlights the variety of challenges they faced in securing their first product role. It draws out essential themes from the interviews and presents similar ideas to those looking to transition into a product role. The book dives into the effective ways of gaining knowledge about product development and shares tips to inspire candidates to form their strategies since there is no linear path to becoming a Product Manager. I'm incredibly thankful for all the Product Managers who were able to contribute to this book. They believed in the vision of this project of giving back to others. Especially since some of them also struggled to get into product. They were very generous with their time, knowledge, and I asked so much of them, and they continued to give repeatedly. All dedicated their time without asking for anything in return, and I'll be forever grateful. You can get a FREE digital version of How to Product for a limited time on If you don’t have time to read the entire book, you can also check out the summaries I made here: How to Product in 30 mins How to Product in 15 mins How to Product in 5 mins Please let me know what you think or if you have any questions. I’d love your feedback so I know how to improve. Thank you ❤️
@sefunmioshy this looks awesome, just downloaded. Can't wait to check it out further!
@jknlsn Thank you so much. Let me know what you think. I'd love your feedback.
@sefunmioshy Congrats on shipping this Sefunmi! I know you put a lot of work and heart into this 👏
@robjama Thank you so much Robleh. Your story is awesome. Product Hunt will get to know the real you haha.
@sefunmioshy descent work! Congats with the launch!
@pavlo_pedenko Thank you Pavlo. I appreciate the support.
Comprehensive take on the journey into Product Management from a diverse set of PMs across different industries, each with their own story. I wish I had this a few years ago!
@kylelubieniecki Thank you for your contribution to this project. It means a lot to the community.
It's awesome having many different perspectives put together so well! 🙏 🙌
There’s no shortage of articles to read about becoming a PM, but to have everything compiled into a single book is something I would have loved back when I started.
@markrabo lovely! I certainly hope others find this extremely valuable. Thank you for your contribution.