How To Produce Awesome Snapchat Takeovers

Tips & best practices on delivering high value takeovers

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Hi PH, Thanks @bentossell for being awesome and hunting my ebook down. As we all know, the lack of discovery on Snapchat is pretty woeful. From setting up my own Snapchat channel and taking over 15 (and counting) Snapchat accounts, I’ve found Snapchat Takeovers, where two snappers swap account, is the best tactic to gain followers. Takeovers have other benefits like; quickly gaining snap-cred, testing out content and building a network. TL:TR this ebook shares my tips, best practices and most importantly how to format a takeover. If you like to know more about my shows: See my Snapdex review here Or read my Medium blog about treating Snapchat like a TV channel. Feel free to hit me about questions about the ebook, Snapchat Takeovers or SC in general.
If you are not familiar with @stringstory on Snapchat, you should be. She does awesome weekly 'Snapchat shows' that show the value of Snapchat, what you can do with it, tips & tricks and general shoot-the-shit type stuff. She has just released this e-book for the price of a ☕️ Go get it and make your takeovers interesting
@bentossell gotta vouche for @stringstory personally. I've personally been following her work for quite a while. I first stumbled onto her in the early days of Meerkat. She was preaching about Bitcoin before it was big and she's been talking about snap and doing takeovers for longer than anyone else I know. Looking forward to the read.
@waltspence bitcoin, snapchat and fried chicken = @stringstory
@bentossell especially fried chicken paid for with btc @stringstory
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Suzie and I chatted a lot about snapchat; Suzie has really walked the walk on Snapchat (and social media in general. Ok so I like the idea of treating Snapchat as your TV channel; after all, it could well be that a lot of folks do airplay their Snap Stories on Apple TV! Not currently a big user of SC, but I can understand that there is a lot of value in growing your followers through takeovers. There is also the notion that "arbitrage" is playing a big role here: You get on Snapchat early enough, you have great content to share, you do a takeover of someone else's popular channel and voila, massive exposure. This is the kind of exposure that you couldn't otherwise get with search or hashtags in a short time. You could say that takeovers are strategic partnerships, which we all know plays a pivotal role in growth. Anyway, Im buying the book and looking forward to going through it. Keep up the content String! Iz
@elbahnasy if I had to revised my book, i'm going to quote you on the "strategic partnership" that line is pretty lit. and the idea of ARBITRAGE is also on point, if you're an emerging content maker you will benefit from being an influencer's channel. The trust kicks in if they know a) regular and strong content maker b) do have somewhat a warm relationship beforehand.
Very cool. I don't think many people need $1 off the price ;) What is your opinion on people/ brands who might feel they have 'missed the boat' with Snapchat and it's too late to develop it as a channel?
@al__bentley $1 can make someone happy :P Apparently, Snapchat is projected to double it's numbers of users within a year. So no, it's never too late to start. To have a channel means that a person/brand is willing to grow a narrative channel that: - release regular and consistent content - engages directly with an engaged, not passive, audience. And if someone was smart, they buy this ebook and use this technique on Instagram Stories. Same concept should work there too.