How To Network

Instantly build trust with anyone you meet

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Daniel Kao
Daniel Kao@diplateevo · diplateevo
I haven't even read it yet and I already know that this will be amazing. @mrtampham has an unparalleled level of energy, a genuine desire to learn, and just goes out and does things that absolutely amaze me. I don't say any of this lightly. Keep rocking bro. Oh and honored to be the first comment.
Tam Pham
Tam PhamHunter@mrtampham · Community at Mixergy
@diplateevo Daniel, I am crying... Thanks so much for your kind comment, it really means a lot. Keep up your great work buddy!
Daniel Kao
Daniel Kao@diplateevo · diplateevo
@mrtampham I literally read "if you're a golden retriever" in the intro and thought my brain was making things up and read it again like 5 times.