How to Nail Your SaaS Trial

Convert >15% of free trial signups into paying customers

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After years of launching, optimizing, and studying SaaS trials, we’ve discovered the formula for converting >15% of free trial signups into paying customers—and we’re giving you permission to steal it. In this free ebook, we share our 6-step process for creating an automated and effective SaaS trial. You’ll learn how to: • Define your trial conversion goals • Pinpoint key user behaviors • Map out your activation nudges • Build your SaaS trial journey • Write emails & in-app messages • Measure your SaaS trial & iterate “Contrary to popular myth, your SaaS trial actually does cost your business money. I’ve seen too many startups get it wrong, and rack up costs needlessly while under-converting. This is the guide I wish I'd given them." —Susan Su, Head of Marketing, Reforge
@jeskirkwood just curious why don't you charge for the book? If it's free, then how are you monetizing it? Thanks and keep up the good job.
@darrenlee Hi Darren, Thanks for the kind words! :) Autopilot is happy to offer this eBook for free because our team wants to help current and future customers succeed in the SaaS space. At the end of the day, our success is directly tied to the success of our customers. It’s a win-win!
As the person who helps with these trial conversions. This is solid stuff!