Understanding the process of how to make an app can be overwhelming. It’s hard to know where to start or what to research first. In this guide, you’ll be introduced to the six phases of making an app, what each phase entails, and key terms to be familiar with.
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Hey y'all! After spending the past decade designing, building and launching apps for myself and others, one thing I've been eager to explore is how to create tools and resources to empower others in this process. This guide is just the beginning. If you give it a shot, please shoot me a note and let me know if you find it helpful!
Howdy! I wanted to ask, what inspired you to make this? I'm curious about that because the inspiration behind an actual app can be very different from the one behind making a guide that teaches you how to make an app :D
@natsu1 Haha great question! I love the process of making an app and have always enjoyed helping others. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to hire consultants like me, so I've been exploring how I can create accessible tools and resources to empower anyone with an idea throughout this process, particularly in the beginning.
@kimmikye That explains it pretty well! I agree with your mindset very much. Thanks for the response ^^
Great resource for new founders who have an idea for an app, but not sure how to get it built
Appreciate your efforts! Although this is something that could be discovered with one Google search. I was expecting a Tutorial/Tools list that would help beginners with the specifics.
@anan_batra Working on a tools list next actually! I think a lot of people struggle with the overall process so I wanted to start with that and then release specifics through different mediums later. Thanks for the note!
I'm interested in the same thing - I think also the process of making an app also includes the process of being able to validate an idea before you build. I feel like this is the thing people struggle with most.
@chazmee1 I missed this comment! Definitely agree! It's something I plan to address on a deeper level as well. I just touched on it in this guide.