How to launch like Harry's is a side project for people to build a Harry’s prelaunch referral program in 4 simple steps.

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WOW, this is the 4th time we’ve been hunted within 5 months. Our Milestone Referral Template, inspired by Harry's, a New York-based grooming brand that manufactures and sells shaving equipment via mail order, gathered a ton of love and valuable feedback for our next steps. Arigato for that 💯 Harry's referral prelaunch campaign was monumental. They managed to gather 100,000 emails in a single week 😱 Inspired by amazing teams such as CREW, we decided to build our own side-project. We created a simple and interactive tool to help you understand and design a ready-to-launch campaign. "HOW TO BUILD A HARRY'S PRE-LAUNCH REFERRAL PROGRAM IN 4 SIMPLE STEPS" is now live 🎉 With this tool you can set the basic parameters of your campaign, in 4 steps: 1. How people join your referral program 2. How participants invite their friends 3. What type of rewards you’re willing to give (swag, discounts, etc.) 4. How many rewarding milestones you want to set You can use the same concept both for pre-launch campaigns and referral programs. Feel free to shoot me with any questions! 🙈
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@savvaszortikis I honestly loved the design! 😍 And it was also a very interesting surprise to find the campaign waiting for me as soon as I signed up. 🙏 🙏
@imvassilis Glad you like it mate :)
@savvaszortikis Loved the design
@kligman thanks Nachum! 🤗
We used this for Kickstarter - it helped us become the most backed campaign for basic wear in the UK ever!
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@jake_mellett So excited to hear this Jake! Much love from all of us ❤️
@jake_mellett WOW! Do share more about that. How did Viral Loops help?
This is awesome. I feel like conversion on this page must be great. It's addictive, I just want to click through and set up and I don't even have a product! Great job.
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@renee_sandefur Hahaha! Yes, it's quite high :) We'll be sharing our metrics in a few days!
@renee_sandefur @savvaszortikis I'll be excited to see how they turnout, I too couldn't stop clicking 😅
Yeah 💪 Viral Loops 🚀 I am using it on It is super easy to set up, has a ton of features and the team is Awesome 😍
@doefler love you mate! so excited to have you onboard :)
Great landing page design and clever lead-gen tool for Viral Loops :-)
@rolandal thanks Roland!