How to Invest like a VC

Bridging the knowledge gap between regular investors and VCs

Learn the basics of Venture Capital as well as a dive into how Venture Capitalists invest. Every claim is sourced from professional articles, investors, or investing websites. We took the liberty of boiling down and organizing their ideas into one coherent whole. Our hope is that this guide will help demystify the industry for the common investor.

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Haven't finished it yet, but the book seems really cool and full of a lot of really great info. The section about important metrics was especially helpful in my opinion!


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None so far

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Hey Product Hunt! Long-time fan, first time launcher here. My GF said not to attempt any jokes, so I scrapped my first draft. I’m part of the team at Slice Capital, a freshly launched equity crowdfunding company. Our mission is to equalize access to startup investing for both investors and founders. While equity crowdfunding has given the 99% access to startup investing, most people still don’t take advantage of it. When we asked why, we kept hearing investors say they know what venture capitalists do, but not how they do it. That sounded like a knowledge gap that we could bridge. We dove into the depths of the internet and discovered there is a ton of content on the subject, but nothing that made sense of it all in an approachable way. That’s why we spent the past three months researching, writing, and editing this ebook. We hope you find it easy to read and informative at any level of experience. Stay tuned for a podcast covering the same topic (like a ‘How I Built This’ for venture capital). Thanks!
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What’s up Product Hunters? This ebook has been in the works for a few months, we hope you enjoy it! I'm sure there are errors we may not have caught in our many run-throughs, so please let us know anything you find that should be fixed. As well, we want to know if we should keep creating content like this. It took us a lot of time to write this ebook, so we want to make sure people are actually reading and enjoying it. Reply with any other topics you want us to cover!
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Looks nice! The design is awesome!
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@rlvl Thanks Rudy!
I’m always a little sad when such valuable content is caught in a pdf. I would like to set font size and add bookmarks, comments etc. As an ios user, I prefer to work with epubs. Just saying - thx for sharing your hard work.
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@llabball that's interesting feedback. First time doing this, so I'm not familiar with that format.
@dcy_philly Hmm 🤔 Maybe you want to use GitBook.
@dcy_philly @llabball That's a great idea! Do you think that is better than just hosting it on a website, more like a blog post?
@jacob_sheldon With GitBook you would have both. An epub is also just a zipped HTML/CSS/JS package with a TOC. Then you could address “reach” via the website (SEO) and let readers the choice for better offline experience.
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