How to grow like Dropbox

Build a Dropbox-style referral with this useful tool ✌️


Dropbox’s referral program is possibly one of the most famous cases of referral marketing done right. ❤️

That’s why we wanted to do something special for the Product Hunt community and make it easier for you to understand how it works and implement it for your own company.

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ViralLoops is a good product with infuriating marketing. Trying to ride the ProductHunt wave over and over again by releasing these little pages and then submitting to ProductHunt


Good selection of campaign types


Spamming ProductHunt with different variants of 'launches'

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We're doing our best Lisa! Thanks for the feedback. ✌️

Viral Loops is my favorite viral and referral marketing platform and their team is awesome and really responsive. I'm now building a new campaign with them.


The templates do 90% of the work for me


Took some time to integrate

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So excited to have you onboard Sujan! Regarding the integration part, we're doing a major update in the next 1-2 months 💪 Always a pleasure to working with you 🙏

Love what Viral Loops is doing. We've had great success using their tools across various campaigns and the team is always super helpful. Doesn't surprise me to see them #1 on Product Hunt today... Viral Loops knows viral marketing. 🚀🚀


Viral Loops KNOWS Viral Marketing 📈 🚀


Refining the product will get better

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So excited to hear this Niv! We're currently working on a lot of stuff on the product side to add go deeper in specific areas, add new features, customizations and more integrations :)

we used Viral Loops a while back for launching a startup i was working on and had a really bad experience with it. Difficult to customise and the customer service so painfully slow and extremely unhelpful. The product seems great and it could be but they need to tighten up on this!


Could be good for a viral marketing campaign


Difficult to customise to your needs and bad customer service

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I'm so sorry to hear this Sam :( Regarding customization, we're currently working on more features to give the option of adding your own styles, fonts, colors, CSS, etc. As for the customer service, from time to time we faced huge peaks in demand and maybe that was the reason of the issue. I'd be more than happy to see if there is some way we can make up for it. Feel free to email me at

You'll be convinced just by trying it :)


It's super easy to use, bruh!


Can't find

You're the best man! 💪

its not a product, its a landing page.


Nothing. its a marketing page


there's nothing on this site, they just redirect you to their website