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Wrote this book over the holidays and excited to share with with the community. First time being a Maker on Product Hunt!. Also, if you want a preview of the book, just click on the book cover to read some sample chapters!
@jasonshen Congrats Jason! Looking forward to reading it!
Hey Jason, Not sure how useful or relevant this is but it was a massive turn off for me to read that you wrote this in 2 weeks. Before I invest my time into reading a book I definitely want to at least believe it's carefully written and considered. All that being said, I'm still interested, so I'll certainly browse your website. Rob
@isaacsrda To be fair, the header does say "a *short* primer"
@isaacsrda hey Rob - that's a totally fair point. I did want to acknowledge that this was not a month long or year long project as to set expectations. This book also isn't going to take you as long to read as a typical book because it is shorter. You can also sample some of the pages to get a sense of what it is about by clicking the cover. Are you familiar with the execute book? It was written in 8 days. http://executebook.com/ And remember, that even if I wrote this book in 2 weeks, it encompasses things I have been thinking about for much longer.
@isaacsrda @JasonShen Good points, and I was also thinking about this. The site mentions that if a person liked your blog, they'd like the book (but it contains new content). If you include blog content, how long was the book's content in the works?
@isaacsrda @staringispolite Great question. When I said "completely new material" I meant that the book did not contain any blog content. Simply that the book content was similar to content on the blog.
Doing an audio version is a neat touch.
@j_greig Thanks! I've done podcasts before but this was my first time recording text to speech like that. An interesting challenge for sure. You end up ad-libbing a little bit. It was also a great way to do final edits for clarity and smoothness.
@JasonShen A great way to check if you really do "Write like you talk" :) (I try to)
Love the different options on your website. What did you use to build the site?
@TeecycleTim Thanks Tim. I used Brown: a Wordpress theme I bought off of ThemeForest. http://themeforest.net/item/brow...
Thanks for sharing Jason!