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#4 Product of the DayFebruary 13, 2015
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Maybe the best ressource available on the market today. Congrats Jason ( ( @iwearyourshirt )! We built with most of this best practices in mind. I'm really happy to discover that other people are taking successfully the sponsorship market to the next level. We'd love to collaborate with you, I'm convinced tons of our users with love what you propose :) !
@jordansuccar great looking product Jordan! I signed up for the beta and will give it a look. I'd love to add this as a resource in the bigger (paid) course I offer. Could be something I send out to the existing students too. Shoot me an email jason(at) and let's chat :)
@iwearyourshirt I'm happy to have checked ProductHunt today :) See you in your inbox!
Hey Product Hunt this one is just for you guys! For the past few years I’ve been able to land a lot of sponsorships. Over 2,000 sponsorships actually. What I realized during that time is that getting sponsorships is something anyone can do, people just don’t know where to start. I’ve created a free 7-day email course and I’m giving it to this community first. Why? I know there are a bunch of bloggers, podcasters, event organizers, and other folks here that could really use this information. Plus, I also know the Product Hunt community is great for feedback. So I’d love to learn from the experience. Getting sponsorships comes down to creating a solid foundation of your product offering, leveraging your existing network (your most important asset), understanding the value of follow up emails, and a few other things I explain in the email course. And, you can make some pretty good money with sponsorships too :) Happy to answer any questions related to landing sponsorships and hope you enjoy the course!
@iwearyourshirt Thanks! We are looking for a sponsor for @bioischanged so this is really helpfull!
@bioischanged @jackpointnl heck yeah Jack! You are welcome.
@iwearyourshirt can't wait to dive in. Thanks for putting it together. This is an area I plan on hitting hard at some point this year.
@iwearyourshirt whaaaat I didn't know you were working on this. Awesome, I just took over handling sponsorships for our conferences. Perfect timing.
Yes! Jason's my sherpa for anything/everything sponsorship related, and the reason I've got sponsors for some of the things I've done. So this email course is perfect and full of knowledge (and I'm only the second lesson!).
@pjrvs don't lie, you get sponsors because you have adorable rats. When you have pets you can leverage, always use the pets first! #Sponsorship101
@iwearyourshirt What's funny is that companies HAVE actually sent my rats swag, promo stuff and assorted bits and bobs.
Interesting course Jason.
Looks very interesting.
@gregoiregilbert I think it is! ;)